Private Placements

Salisbury Advisors Private Placement Services

Providing private placement agent services to alternatives funds (venture, private equity, and esoteric) in the “sub-$1 billion” raise market is a niche business that is underserved. Salisbury Advisors functions as external business development for these funds in a way that is more efficient than a permanent internal marketing department. We perform a similar role for private companies in capital raising.

Because we are always in the market globally, we are in tune with who is allocating capital when and in which sectors of the alternatives market. We have relationships with plan consultants and advisors, institutional capital, endowments, and family offices.

An Approach to Private Placements That Solves Complex Problems

In an ideal world, a General Partner (“GP”) would present their idea to a receptive Limited Partner (“LP”), and the LP would come back with a capital commitment in short order. In reality, a typical fund raise can take over a year and the first pitch and follow up needs to be well thought out to address the topics relevant to that LP. Salisbury Advisors has experience in understanding the common elements of a strong initial pitch, and the follow up items and interactions that will be required to achieve a first close. Importantly, we understand the massive undertaking and work required to put a fund into motion across multiple LPs.